Kevin Marble was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where he found musical inspiration from a young age. Throughout his childhood music stirred in him a desire to create. It wasn’t until his mother taught him his first four chords on guitar that this desire began to find an outlet. Self-taught from then on, Kevin continues to develop a creative style that places emphasis on lyric writing and songs generated from simple but emotional melodies.

Kevin pursued music with bands in high school, and when he moved to Chicago for college his music blossomed in the context of solo work. Though writing and performing as a solo artist, his music finds its full meaning on the backdrop of intentional community. During his college years he expanded his songwriting, drawing on impacting experiences; whether travels to new places, tumultuous relationships, or his developing maturity and faith. After collecting songs and gaining a following on his campus through fun and energetic live shows, Kevin decided to record his first professionally produced album. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, he released his debut album in February 2013. Though featuring Kevin as a solo artist, the album is an exercise in community; it was funded by fans, supported and inspired by close friends and family, and features over thirty musicians.

Thanks to the record, Kevin’s community is expanding. Now anyone can listen and connect with his music. Both whimsical and heartfelt, Kevin’s tunes have the ability to penetrate deep into your soul, no matter what you may be feeling. His folksy guitar, mandolin, and harmonica put you at ease while his passionate vocals and earnest ballads allow you to reflect on the joys and losses of your own experience. Whether he is singing about everyday life, faith and doubt, or heartbreak, his words always manage to cause you to reflect on your own story and experiences. His playful guitar and catchy melodies will continue to play in your head long after the music stops. Kevin’s honesty and fervor shine through both melodically and lyrically. He’s a regular guy with a regular guitar that magically knows how to make your life experiences come alive through music.